Lowongan PT Djarum - Internal Auditor

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PT Djarum is one of Indonesia’s top three producers of “kretek” cigarettes, the dominant form of tobacco in a country which ranks in the top ten among countries with the highest rates of smokers. Kretek cigarettes contain locally grown tobaccos blended with cloves–which typically represent about one-third of a cigarette, but can range as high as 50 percent of a kretek cigarette’s content–and mixed with a special “saus” (sauce) specific to each brand.

We are the leading manufacturer of kretek in the world. For more than 50 years, we have delivered high-quality kreteks to ensure our customer satisfaction. Our well known brands, such as Djarum Super, Djarum Black and LA Lights, are sold in numerous countries and already become international best sellers. Our success comes from diverse array of highly talented people who are fueled with passion for performance, dedication and being consistently innovative. Our environment is all about teamwork, integrity and mutual respect.

Internal Auditor (CODE: IA)
  • Some essential duties of our Internal Auditor include drafting audit report, control accuracy of financial records and preparing recommendation for corrective actions.
  • Male
  • Maximum 26 years of age
  • Bachelor degree in Accounting
  • GPA of more than 3.0
We will only contact candidates who pass the initial selection process and are eligible for company’s interview. Deadline : 7 March 2013


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